Welcome to Jon Floyd Reptiles. You can’t have a reptile related website without an “About Me” page so here it is! I’m a native of Florida, which is quite rare these days and I enjoy everything that this state has to offer in regards to its wildlife. I can’t really say that I grew up hunting snakes or other reptiles as most of my weeknights and weekends were spent playing soccer. I did always have an interest though in all kinds of exotic animals (reptiles, primates, marsupials, etc…) basically anything that wasn’t a cat or a dog and that wasn’t regularly kept as a pet.

The most significant event in my reptile related life came at about the age of 14. My mom called me and said she had bought a pet for me and that if I didn’t like it, we could return it to the pet store. It turned out to be a beautiful young adult female green iguana. Needless to say I kept her, and this set off a chain of events which brings me to where I’m at today. During this time frame though, I was keen on getting to know what I liked best in the reptile world and to also find out what would work out best in the limited space I had (and with limited funds). I kept everything from green iguanas, box turtles, red-food and sulcuta tortoises, leopard geckos, chinese water dragons, red tegus, various species of monitors, boas, pythons, and pretty much everything in between. This was all in-between going to high school, going to college, and moving to Buffalo, NY (a few times) for school and work.

The snakes that I have offered on this site for sale are snakes that I purely enjoy working with and I hope to pass that enjoyment on to others. My smaller sized collection allows me to keep meticulous records of all events in the life of a snake while they are in my care. I also maintain a decent sized rodent collection which lets me know exactly what is going into my snakes and lets me feed according to their schedule instead of mine. In regards to the health of my snakes, my full-time job (in the clinical information systems field) has allowed me to establish relationships with Microbiologists as well as Veterinarians which proves very helpful if the need arises.

I still feel the same excitement and passion as I did when my mom brought home that green iguana. So with that being said, I credit my Mom with her willingness to let me keep reptiles and also for sharing her enthusiasm about reptiles with me. I also couldn’t do any of this without my father who can build anything you ask him too! Last but not least my wife has been very tolerant of my collection of reptiles and also has been my biggest supporter in any projects I want to pursue, and for that I thank her.

So welcome again to Jon Floyd Reptiles. Please take a look around the site and send me an email or give me a call if you have any questions.

- Jon

P.S. I’m JONF on some of the snake forums so just say “Hi” if you see me online!